Warden explains why Filippi video won’t be released

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County officials cite the passing of contraband as a possible reason to withhold surveillance video of former Mayor Rick Filippi with an Erie prison inmate. 

JET 24 filed a ‘Right-to-Know Request’ to obtain surveillance video from that visit.  Now, the prison warden, Kevin Sutter, is giving more information as to why that request was denied.  

In an affidavit, the warden explained releasing the video would reveal where cameras are and are not located, writing, “Passing of contraband is a major issue in corrections and, indeed, may well have happened in the case at hand, since the inmate visited by Attorney Filippi tested positive for controlled substances less than 24-hours after the visit for which the video is sought by the requestor.”

No one in the county administration has confirmed the identity of the inmate in question.

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