It’s stacking up to be a busy construction season on area roadways with sizeable projects planned for both the city and the county this summer.

City crews are finishing the wish list for street paving for the season. Traditionally, those crews will do about $600,000 in paving themselves while contracting out several million dollars more.

The asphalt plant opens this week. After finally getting the final approval from Mayor Joe Schember, the city’s summer repaving list will be formally underway.

“Just pay attention to the signs and the detours. We’re out there trying to make the roads safe for you. So just be patient if you have to go around the block or something like that. That little bit of inconvenience for a day and a half will make it a lot better for you in the long run,” said Jeff Gibbens, Assistant Bureau Chief.

The busy season won’t be confined to the city limits. Out on Route 18, not only one, but two roundabouts are planned. That will disrupt traffic not only north and south on Route 18, but east and west on I-90 as well.

Those plans will close the Route 18 ramps by next week. Add other projects on West 8th and West 12th Streets and it just adds up to one busy summer across the county.

“We have a lot of different projects of different sizes going on up in Erie County. We have several very large projects either underway or getting underway. So people in Erie should anticipate that they will likely see construction when they’re out doing their travels,” said Jill Harry, PennDOT.