Warren residents express concern over PennDot’s proposed roundabout

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Some Warren residents expressing their concern for safety on Monday over PennDot’s proposed roundabout in downtown Warren. 

Residents and city council members telling PennDot officials Monday that they are worried about semi trucks being able to turn safely on the roundabout without endangering other motorists or pedestrians. One council member chimed in saying Warren has a high amount of semis driving through the downtown area on a daily basis. 

She says she is worried about how construction on the roundabout will affect the trucks as well. Another resident expressing his concern about pedestrian safety in the roundabout saying he has gotten hit before in that area and he doesn’t like the structure of the proposed roundabout. PennDot officials who were at the meeting did respond to residents saying they are continuing to look at research regarding trucks and the roundabout structure. They added that they are open to feedback and will consider the residents’ concerns while they are planning everything out.

“United Refining Company is one our largest employers and they contract with a number of companies that haul gasoline, asphalt, other materials through this intersection,” said Warren City Council Nancy Freenock. “This is a oversized, overweight truck route and it’s the only one that’s through the city. During the construction of a roundabout, I don’t know how they will be redirected. “

“Our goal is to be as least disruptive as possible and get in and get it constructed as soon as possible,” said James Foringer, PennDot Official. 

If all goes according to plan PennDot officials say this project is expected to kick off in 2021.

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