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Happy Thanksgiving! Many are up bright and early preparing the thanksgiving must haves like turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, and sweet potato casserole to name a few.

Reporter Fontaine Glenn prepping her turkey with the help of Chef Lisa Heidelberg who gave some tips to cook a tasty turkey.

Before laying the turkey on the veggies, there are some important things to do to the turkey. Chef Lisa has some tips on safety.

“Safety tip. do that in the sick [rinse the turkey]. unveil your beautiful bird and leave all that in there. from the head. there’s going to be a bag in there that’s giblets and, and and the little organy things and then the other end will be the neck. take that set it aside,” Chef Lisa said. “And then you’ve got your turkey he’s all good to go, put him in the pan. After you do that, please clean your sink I don’t want you to cross contaminate. that’s why it’s so important. so important.”

Fontaine started with cut up celery, carrots and onions making a bed for the turkey before seasoning it. Like Chef Lisa, butter was an important ingredient for Fontaine’s turkey prep.

“Then I actually what I do guys is I season it once and then I have butter. We’re not going to stench on the butter. all right, so I’ve got like three three, quarters of a pound of butter in here. I have gone under the skin. don’t even need to. I told you this is easy. this is easy.” Chef Lisa said. “So I take it and I just start really literally brushing. I mean liberally liberally like I pour, just brush all over everywhere everywhere. I love this look at that guys.”

Now to how you cook the turkey!

“I have my oven at 425 right? uncovered. this beauty is going in. we’re going to cook it for about 30 minutes. then we’ll cover with foil then drop the heat down, so we are gonna cover it, drop the heat down to 325 then you are just gonna roast it nice and slow.” Chef Lisa said. “now I say this is just a gauge guys. okay, I’d say from depending on the size of your turkey. It’s 12 to 15 minutes per pound. all right, and and then but also very, very good to do is to have like instant read thermometer. you stick it in the thigh to get the reading.”

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