Water rises this weekend near Ferncliff Beach area

Local News

Flooding and rising water was a concern this weekend not just for residents but also the Erie Yacht Club. Gib Loesel has been living near Ferncliff Beach for 5 years. “This goes up and down maybe 2-3 times a day and what you’re looking at right here is a medium tide,” said Loesel.

The Erie Yacht Club has also been facing the issue since February. “The high water level is just creating a lot of issues,” said Dock Master Mike Argeny. Water has been coming on the roadways everyday and bringing debris with it. He said large amounts of rainfall, snow melt and lake levels going through cycles of highs and lows do not help.

As a daily routine, officials at the Erie Yacht Club have told their staff to clean up anything dangerous that washes up with the water.

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