Waterford farm hosting free tours for students

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One local farm is letting folks take free tours to get a taste of rural life.

Copley’s Fresh Start Farm in Waterford, has an emphasis on “Community Outreach” Over 100 students and their families got a farm tour on Friday. It’s all about having fun and learning about life in the country.

Rick Copley have no problem letting people on their farm to see the animals. Last week, they welcome a group of families to visit the farm.

“We had a home schooling group or family that had reached out to us and asked if they could come in and do the tour as well. My wife reached out to them and said ‘Feel free to invite as many as you want’ and here we are with, I think, about 126 people or so that came out.” Copley said.

The tour included feeding pigs, chickens and other farm animals. The owners also enjoy showing people the process of where their food comes from.

“Not generally ‘I went to the supermarket and grabbed this chick or grabbed this pork, but whatever it is then put it on my plate and that is where it came from. It just came from the grocery store.’ Our focus is showing them that there are different ways of farming.” Copley said.

Cathrin Capela visited the farm with her children.

They are part of the home school community Facebook page, and they got invited to come and learn about farm animals. She’s glad her kids got to come out and see the animals and learn how they’re raised.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to share with the children how the animals are raised, and to show the where their food comes from, because they take it for granted some times, that their food actually comes from the hard work of labor from farmers across this area.” Capela said.

Copley said the farm does about 100-200 individual tours a year. The best part… the farm never charges for the tours.

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