Waterford residents gather to remember Lakeside Tavern

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Community members in Waterford gathered for an emotional good bye to the building that housed Lakeside Tavern which burned down last week. 

“They were more than customers, they were my friends,” said Lisa Thompson, one of the owners of Lakeside Tavern. Thompson and her friend Betsy say the tavern was a staple in the Waterford community for the past 30 years.

“I like feeding my people, they’re my guys, I call them my kids, I always say I got to pick up brownies for the kids today,” said Thompson. On Sunday afternoon, customers and community members gathered to honor Lakeside Tavern and the memories they made in it. 

Jessica Kellogg started a donation jar to help the Thompson’s out with costs.”I don’t know exactly what they have going on, but they still have bills to pay and they have no money coming in right now,” said Kellogg. “Just because they have a fire doesn’t mean they don’t have their regular bills that we have everyday.” 

Many customers say they would like Lakeside Tavern to be rebuilt, but Thompson says she doesn’t know what the future holds just yet. “It’s still up in the air, I want to because I don’t want the lakeside legacy to end,” said Thompson.  “We’ve had it for 30 years.” 

Supporters of the tavern say although the building is no longer standing, the memories they made inside of it will last forever.

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