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The 5th annual Waterfront Weekend hosted by the Erie Sports Commission starts Friday. The event brings in about 30-50 speed boats.  

One of the highlighted events in the poker run. Boats go out onto the lake and pick up poker cars at designated spots on their way to final destination in Buffalo. 

But it isn’t all about speed says Executive Director of the Erie Sports Commission mark Jeanneret. “You’ll have some really supped up, bi fast boats and others. It is not a race. That’s the whole point. Even the slowest, most rickety boat can still win the contest,” said Jeanneret. 

And back for the third year is the hydro flight but new element this year it the night flight. Two flyers with pro water cross will be taking to the sky Saturday. 11 year-old Austin Burns who’s been flying since he was 6 years-old and 66-year old Bruce Haglund who has been flying for five years now. 

Both men seek an adrenaline rush in the sport and will be flying 60 feet in the air. 

“There is definitely a rush. there is no doubt about that and it is a ton of fun, it’s exciting,” said Haglund. 

“It’s like you’re on the top of a building. but you’re still flying and you feel like a bird kind of,”  said Burns. 

The high water levels are a benefit for organizers this year. Some hydro-flyer performs what is called a dolphin dive and of course the deeper the better. 

“The first two years that was not allowed during the competition. We weren’t sure how deep the water was.This was one of  the times the high water helps us, it gives us a couple of inches,” said Jeanneret. 

Flights are expected to start Saturday at 11 a.m. on and the night flight will start at 9:15 p.m. 

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