Several residents in the City of Erie are advocating for an ordinance change while others believe that it should stay.

Earlier this week, we reported that an Erie resident was disappointed by an ordinance that prevents homeowners from having backyard chickens.

Kim Hobson, who also lives in the City of Erie, said that her neighbors’ roosters and chickens have been destroying her yard and it’s time to enforce the order.

Hobson told us that she has gone to a city council meeting and has made city code enforcement aware and no action has been taken.

“We are a city. We’re not the country. So are we going to define ourselves as the country? No. We’re still going to be a city and city should have just the things of the city, not the things of farm animals,” said Kim Hobson of Residents Against Urban Chickens.

She added that the area has always been very quiet and clean but the chickens disturb their neighborhood.