We Believe Fundraiser held for Johnny Heubel and family

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A fundraiser for a local family in need.

The Heubel family received funds for Johnny’s medical bills months after he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

We spoke to members of the community who have spent weeks planning this socially distant fundraiser.

It’s a good day in Summit Township where over $1,000 were raised before the we believe fundraiser began.

“It could have happened to anyone of our kids that his happened to,” said Jennifer Binney, Head Organizer of the Event.

That’s Jennifer Binney, the organizer of the the Johnny Heubel fundraiser. Her son is a McDowell alum and a football player. She felt inspired to organize a social benefit at the Perry Highway Company.

“Once football family, always football family and we knew we needed to do something for Brandon and Megan and Johnny. We love them to death and so that’s what made us go full strength ahead with this,” said Binney.

Binney added that the benefit included auction items from a variety of local business that wanted to help the Heubel family.

Millcreek Township Supervisor John Morgan said it’s nice to see local businesses and members of the community have come together to support a family.

“Hard and troublesome for a lot of families in the community there’s been a lot of decisiveness with the past election and it’s really nice to see that we can still come together to support a family in need,” said John Morgan, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

Morgan added that the support for the Heubel family is county wide.

“We really appreciate Summit Township has joined in to host this event for the family and it’s just nice to see our community come together not just in Millcreek, but as a region,” said Morgan.

One volunteer said that although the layout of the fundraiser had to be adjusted because of COVID but the community is still safely showing their support.

“Typically benefits there’s tables everywhere. There’s people here serving drinks and everybody’s hanging out. Obviously we can’t do that but it just shows the resolve and the willingness of people to adapt and still want to support causes and help people,” said Robert Frank, Benefit Volunteer.

Heubel will have to undergo a procedure this upcoming Tuesday. The community is hoping for a speedy recovery as well as for his return home by the end of the year.

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