We caught up with people who are tackling the cold temperatures while on the job

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The cold weather has many people in the Erie region running indoors to stay warm, whereas, Erie Firefighters prepare to run outdoors in the case of an emergency.

“Normally when it gets this cold, guys will prepare themselves first by wearing extra layers of clothes and we all have two sets of gear to wear if one were to get wet,” said Jeff Carroll, Deputy Chief of Erie Fire Department.  Deputy Chief Carroll says he and his team are use to working in the cold, but one of their major concerns is making sure the water in the hose doesn’t freeze while putting out a fire. 

“So we keep the water moving in the pumps all the time to keep it from freezing and even in the lines, it’ll freeze up and you keep the water… with the nozzle, you keep them cracked open a little bit to keep the water flowing,” said Deputy Chief Carroll. First responders aren’t the only ones that have to deal with the cold, workers like pizza delivery drivers also have to work in these frigid temperatures.

“You try to pull the ski cap down, you know button the coat up all again,” said Paul Clute. Clute has been a delivery driver at the Domino’s in Weselyville for about a year.

He says besides keeping his feet warm in the car, there’s only so much he can do to keep warm while delivering pizzas. “You can’t really wear gloves cause your making change for people, so other than that it’s a matter of enduring the night,” said Clute.

Meanwhile, if you warming up your house with a space heater this winter, Deputy Chief Carroll says don’t forget to keep the heater a safe distance from anything flammable. The Erie Fire Department also recommends not using your oven as a heat source this winter. 

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