We speak to locals about their views on the new film, ‘On the Basis of Sex’ and gender equality

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It’s a film that brings to life the struggle for gender equality.  ‘On the Basis of Sex’ details the life struggles to face the second female justice of the US Supreme Court early in her career. JET 24’s Samiar Nefzi reports on how Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires women in Erie.

It’s the movement that started with one question; “if the law differentiates on the basis of sex, then how will women and men ever become equals?”

And, just like that, then-struggling attorney Ruth Bader Ginsburg started her fight for equal rights between men and women.

Political Expert Caitlin Handerhan tells us, “she has really built American gender discrimination precedent, piece by piece, throughout her career. The first time she argued in front of the Supreme Court was on a gender discrimination case and she won 8 to 1. If you look back at her career, she has really been the pioneer that pushed these cases forward.”

That is just one of the many topics that are brought up in the newly-released motion picture ‘On the Basis of Sex’. 

Handerhan says, “the film really chronicles her struggle; to hire her. She graduated first in her class at an ivy league university and wasn’t able to get in with a firm in New York City.”

Since its release, it has received rave reviews nationally and locally in Erie.

Movie-Goer Katherine Sheridan says, “It was unbelievable, actually, but I have to admit that I was a little embarrassed that there were things about her life that I was not aware of… even from her career.”

Providing an inside look at the life and triumphant leaps that Ginsburg had to make as a young female in a male-dominated profession…  Over 40 years later and the world still seems captivated by her.  with the current political climate, Sheridan says that Ginsburg and the film provide empowering hope for the future. 

Sheridan says, “to know that there are people out there in Washington that are looking for the greater good and who are looking to make the United States a better place ever since that day…”

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