We speak to property owners, repairing damage from yesterday’s EF-2 tornado

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Hundreds of people are picking up the pieces after a tornado rips through Crawford County.  For many areas affected, the clean up is just beginning.  

The damage from the storms in some of these Crawford County communities is unbelievable. We were in Richmond Township just a few miles south of Cambridge Springs and branches are lining the roads and dozens of trees are uprooted.

Neighborhoods still in ruins after an EF-2 tornado with 115mph wind gusts touched down in Conneautville. The storm’s impact reaching across Crawford County.

Property Owner Bill Poliziani says, “It almost looks like a war zone in a way. There are very old maple trees that are hundreds of years old that are down.” Bill says it took only a matter of seconds for the powerful wind to leave its mark. 

Down the street, Thomas Modrovich tells us he estimates the storm ripped at least 25 trees from his property alone. “I couldn’t believe it. All these trees and everything and not one on the house. It was just a miracle.” 

Residents say one of the most surprising aspects about the storm is how quickly people came together to help out.

Poliziani tells us, “This is less than 24 hours later. The neighbors were all around. The Lamins were up. The Martins were up and they just took care of everything. They cleared the road out. They cleared the trees.” 

Still, many people say the damage is like nothing they’ve seen before in Crawford County.  One man says driving through the area brings back memories of 1985. 

Gary Nichols of Springboro tells us, “I was a young child and first the storm come up and I remember going to the basement, May 31st. The tornado that jumped over Springboro and devastated Albion.” 

From here, residents are working on clearing the roads and getting their properties back in shape after the storm. 

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