Week of Thanks- Woman reunites with daughter after 50 years

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow and all week we’ve been hearing stories about people who are thankful for a variety of reasons.

Here is another chapter for our week of giving thanks.

A life altering decision was made by an Erie woman to put her daughter up for adoption. This happened when the woman was just 17. This is the subject of tonight’s Week of Thanks segment.

It has been now 50 years and for the first time this mother and daughter have been reunited.

2020 is the year to expect the unexpected.

“I never thought I would have a chance to sit down and talk to her and tell her things that I thought for 50 years. You have no idea how many times I would think about telling her why I did what I did. I wanted her to understand that she mattered and that it wasn’t an easy decision,” said Mary Beth DeSanto, Erie Resident.

DeSanto had the chance to tell these things to her daughter Victoria face to face over the Summer.

This was something that happened after Victoria read a book.

“It made her think that she would like to find me to elevate some of the guilt she thought I might feel, which I really did. Yet, she was kind of fearful not knowing what she would find,” said DeSanto.

Despite the fear, Victoria’s search began. What she found was here in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“I have several sisters and there was a picture of us and she said the first time I was looking at that one, I thought I was looking at the person who was my mother,” said

A letter was sent to Mary Beth from her daughter explaining how her life worked out. Twenty minutes later, the two heard each others voices for the first time.

“When she actually answered, I couldn’t believe it,” said DeSanto.

Victoria made way to the place where she was born.

“She wanted to see the house where I lived when I was pregnant. Then we went to Academy High School where I graduated because she said oh I went to school with you for six months and then I said this is where we had our graduation and she said oh I was there,” said DeSanto.

Mary Beth said that they continue to talk each day. This is something truly to be thankful for this holiday season.

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