One local church held a bike safety event on Saturday afternoon to remind parents and kids about the rules of the road.

Weis Library United Methodist Church held a bike safety event as kids will be taking to roads and sidewalks on their bikes this summer.

The purpose of the event is to ensure that children understand the proper hand signals for turning and proper bicycle safety.

Organizers were joined by licensed state inspection mechanics to certify and look over bicycles while church parishioners did helmet fittings for children.

State Trooper Andrew Hacke was also among visitors to speak with children about the importance of bicycle safety.

“We want to make sure that they’re one staying safe by wearing their helmets, but we want to say hand and arm signals so that way motorists do know what they’re doing without bikes having the lights that vehicles have turn signals and brake lights. We’re teaching the arm signals for them to know the left turn, right turn and stopping,” said Andrew Hacke, Community Services Officer, Troop E Erie.

The event also supports Cody’s Wheels of Hope, a non-profit that provides bicycles and wagons for children with special needs and disabilities.