There are local efforts to get the word out on suicide prevention strategies to help those struggling in our community.

The Erie County Department of Health and local health care providers are implementing those lifesaving strategies. UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor representatives said anyone can be part of the lifesaving that occurs in suicide prevention.

UPMC and other community organizations have benefitted from a $32,000 grant to implement these strategies. Mental health professionals say anyone can reach the Crisis Hotline Services at 988.

The director of Crisis Services encourages people to call the hotline to be connected to services.

“We’re here 24/7 to be able to answer the phone if somebody needs to talk with somebody, whatever that might mean for them, they can define that crisis or that need for just some additional support. So, they can call in and speak with somebody. We also can make arrangements to meet with somebody in person,” said Stacey Buettner, program director for Crisis Services.

Mental health professionals say there are free resources available to everyone in Erie County. To learn more, visit the Crisis Center website here.