West Nile potentially takes the life of an 8 year old boy

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The flurry of mosquitos return to Erie with concern of West Nile still in the air.
If you and your friends or family were outdoors this Memorial Day weekend, you probably noticed that the mosquitos are back and in full-force right now.  Though the small insects are usually simply annoying, the West Nile Virus now has us thinking differently. 
Our concern with West Nile is because of stories like Dennis Burd’s.  “He never showed signs that he was having trouble breathing or anything,” Larry Burd (Dennis’ father) is, understandably, still in shock after losing his 8 year old son on Tuesday.  Dennis came down with a fever last Saturday, May 20th.  Burd managed his son’s fever with over the counter medications, to which, he thought were helping.
He was, seemingly, improving until Tuesday when, “he said he was in so much pain he couldn’t stand up.  He hit the floor crying.”  That is when Burd rushed Dennis to the emergency room.  Doctors quickly diagnosed Dennis with Pneumonia, but along with his fever and back aches, he was also vomiting before going into seizures.
Dennis passed away within three hours of arriving to the E.R.  All of his symptoms were in line with the deadly West Nile Virus.  Burd is angry and confused, the doctors saying they believe Dennis’ heart may have given out during his seizures due to a genetic heart condition.  It could be weeks before the multiple questions surrounding Dennis’ death are answered.
So, the next time you are going on an outing and grabbing for the sun-block, grab that insect repellent, as well.  Our thoughts are with the Burd family and friends as they mourn the loss of their 8 year old boy.

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