West Side Eagles Host Active Shooter Training at MLK Center

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As active shooter situations become a weekly reality in our country, local residents attend training to help them prepare for the unthinkable.

The West Side Eagles hosting the training courses at the mlk center which involve active shooter preparedness and “stop the bleed” training for traumatic injuries. The course went over ways to always be prepared in a variety of everyday scenarios. Residents attending the training say being prepared could be the difference between life and death.

“It’s always important to be prepared, to have skills and knowledge.  Because if you do you’re more likely to be able to handle a situation in a much calmer manner and be able to have better outcomes,”said attendee Candace Battles.

According to those holding the event, always knowing multiple exit routes as well mapping out a place to take cover in case of an active shooter are some simple ways to ensure your safety. 

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