Westlake and JS Wilson schools evacuated due to nationwide email threat

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According to the Millcreek Township School District’s webpage, two schools have been evacuated and Millcreek Police are responding to an email threat. 

Their webpage states:

The district is in receipt of a threatening email that has necessitated the evacuation of two schools: Westlake and JS Wilson Middle Schools.  All students have safely been evacuated.  The Millcreek Township Police Department is responding to the buildings and students will be dismissed at their normal times.  For JS Wilson, the students will be dismissed from Chestnut Hill Elementary School and Westlake students will be dismissed from the Greek Orthodox Church as their normal dismissal times.

All after school activities for JS Wilson and Westlake Middle Schools are canceled for today, 12/13/18.  And, all after school activities for Belle Valley and Grandview Elementary Schools are canceled.

Emails were sent out to parents regarding the evacuations/early dismissals.  

There was also a message on Millcreek Township Office of Emergency Management webpages stating:

As you may have heard there have been multiple bomb threats received by schools in the area. These threats are coming in via email.

This is a nationwide event right now, with threats being sent through Pennsylvania and numerous other states.

Precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of everyone, however these are not seen as credible threats.

Parents….please DO NOT…rush to your child’s school and pick them up. The Millcreek Township School District is working with law enforcement and using their emergency plans to ensure the safety of your children.

We have reporters on scene and will update as we learn more.

Refresh this page for updates.

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