What is done locally with suspicious packages and what should you do if you get one?

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After the recent mail scare where dangerous devices were sent to multiple people across the country, it leads us to wonder how safe is our mail?  And, what do you do if a suspicious package gets delivered to your property?

Organizations like the US Postal Service ship thousands of packages every day; most without related hazard, but as we’re learning more this week, making sure each package is safe can be a critical part of the process. 

In just two days, several political leaders and public figures received what could’ve been a deadly delivery; bombs addressed to places ranging from New York to DC and as far as California. 

Former FBI Agent Jerry Clark says whoever is behind the shipments is trying to incite fear. “We haven’t seen any of them detonate yet, which isn’t to say that they couldn’t and the first thing that they’re gonna have to do investigatively is see if they’re functional.” 

Representatives with UPS tell us they work with local law enforcement authorities to prevent the illegal tranportation of items that are submitted for shipments, but to ensure the effectiveness of those methods, they keep them confidential. 

Jenny Robinson, The UPS Store Public Relations, says, “We take all suspicious package allegations very seriously and we do have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized shipments from entering the UPS system.” 

But, experts say if you’re worried a package could be potentially dangerous, there are a few warning signs.  Clark tells us to look for, “Certainly excessive postage, the return address, if it was post-marked from a place and the return address is different from that…”  He also says to look for features like oil stains and lopsided packages.  Officials say if you think a package looks suspicious, notify the authorities immediately.

Clark also says it’s important investigators start to make connections between the people being targeted.  He says they have a lot of evidence and will likely find who is responsible. 

Robinson says, “Our locations do work with local law enforcement authorities to prevent the illegal transportation of items that are submitted for shipments, but we do keep our security methods confidential in order to maintain their effectiveness.” 

Clark tells us one more thing, “Whoever is out doing this is certainly trying to insight fear and panic and they’re doing it.”

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