What is your ‘side hustle’?

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More and more people are taking hobbies and turning them into careers.  Tonight, we are looking into the growing number of people working a ‘side hustle’.  

‘Side hustle’ is a phrase growing in popularity.  It’s a sideline job that brings in cash, something other than your main job.  It may not sound legit, but for many, it’s what pays the bills.  These days sometimes a 9-5 just doesn’t cut it.  With a constant increase in the cost of living and just about everything else going up in price, we find ourselves working harder and harder to make ends meet or have a little extra money to enjoy life.  

Take Stephanie Montgomery, for example…  She’s been a vocational specialist at Stairways for more than a decade, but now she adds realtor and direct sales consultant to the list.  She tells us, “I wanted to meet new people.  I like jobs where I am able to network and make connections and I was just ready for a new challenge”.

Montgomery started to look at other ways to make money last year.  She decided to look into real estate sales, a big career move at the age of 36.  “It’s overwhelming at times; I am not going to lie…  this is completely new, the paperwork and learning the process, Agresti has been great, I couldn’t have asked for a better broker to work for.”

And, in her spare time, she fulfills another passion.  “I have been teaching spin for about two years…  physical fitness is a huge part of my life.”

A huge part of another woman’s life, Leslie Green, is running the Premiere Day Spa and Salon in Girard.  Green, also known as Dee-Dee, purchased the salon from her mother, who first ran the salon for 22 years.  “I have always loved this industry because it is always changing, there always new and exciting things to get in to.”

But, Dee-Dee has another interest; flipping houses.  “I watched a lot of HGTV,” she tells us and laughs.  “I have done a lot of renovating over the years at my own places so I always wanted to get in and do it.”

The first house Dee-Dee has officially flipped took her six months to completely renovate.  It is a five bedroom house in Girard and she’s looking for a buyer.  “Part of the reason is I wanted to make Girard look nice and make things run-down look better, but also, of course, to make a profit… that’s the end goal.”

Dee-Dee has years of experience renovating.  She purchased a building to move her salon into 10 years ago.  It was once a gas station and machine shop, but she saw potential and renovated the entire space herself.  “It was a good location and a good amount of square footage.”

Whether she is working at the salon or working on her properties, when you are working a ‘side hustle’ there’s really no such thing as a day off.  “My days off, I am working 17 hours over there trying to get things done.”

For Montgomery, she sees the benefit of working for a living and wearing different hats, some days they overlap.  “They do all kinds of work together, I may be meeting with a client to talk about skin care and find out they are looking for a home, or I may be meeting with someone and find out they could provide a job opportunity for one of my clients, so I am finding that it is extremely beneficial.”  

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