President Biden called for a three month federal gas tax suspension on June 22.

The president made the request for Congress in an effort to bring relief to American Consumers grappling with inflation.

Here is more on what this could mean for drivers at the pump.

The gas tax holiday could reduce travel expenses this summer. However, representatives from Triple A said that it is important to pay attention to the price of crude oil.

President Biden’s plan is to cut the 18 cent per gallon gas tax for the next 90 days to give American families some relief.

The president is also calling on states to remove their own taxes on gas and diesel.

In Pennsylvania the gas tax is about 58 cents a gallon. However, representatives from Triple A said that federal and state gas taxes only make up 15% of the price that drivers see at the pump.

“What’s more significant is the price of crude oil which is 50 to 60% of prices that we see. So really it’s all eyes on crude because any decrease in prices can quickly be depleted by a spike in crude oil,” said Tiffany Stanley, AAA Public and Community Relations Manager.

Several drivers said that while 18 cents a gallon is not much, anything will help with summer expenses.

“We’ll have to wait and see I guess. That’s about all we can do, and then hopefully if it does go through it will help people out,” said Wes Yost, Reacting to Gas Prices.

“Absolutely I’d like to see things change. With inflation going up, everything’s going up, I had to actually borrow money just to put gas in my tank today. So that’s how bad it really is,” said Greg Klimkowicz, Reacting to Gas Prices.

Some drivers said that while this may help some, for others the gas tax suspension is not enough.

“It’s still going to be well over four dollars a gallon, and I don’t think that’s enough for people to fit into their budget to want to travel,” said Klimkowicz.

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President Biden said that with state and federal gas tax suspensions, he hopes to reduce the price per gallon by one dollar.