What the migrant children arriving in Erie will expect when arriving at the Pennsylvania International Academy

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The wait continues for the migrant children to arrive in Erie. Federal officers are waiting outside while guarding the Pennsylvania International Academy for their arrival.

Here is more on what the children can expect when they arrive at the academy.

The Pennsylvania International Academy is expecting at least 150 migrant children ranging in ages of five to twelve.

The children will go through a screening by a team of physicians upon arrival at the academy.

“A pediatrician who’s also a psychiatrist, a dentist, and a nurse, and they’re looking to recruit more. But when the children arrive, they will be screened and anybody that needs medical attention will get it,” said Trish Danner, Regional Outreach Specialist for HHS.

After the screening, the children will be given a bag of brand new clothes donated by local clothing stores.

“Including pajamas, underwear, socks, clothing for the next few days, shoes, everything, toiletries, and they’ll be able to go and shower and get ready for the night,” said Danner.

Danner said that no donations are needed at the moment, but check back in a few weeks.

“All 260 beds are made and ready just in case there’s people that need to be quarantined so they have another place to go. There’s crates full of medications. The food service being brought in,” said Danner.

The main objective for children being housed here is to find a sponsor. Depending on the individual case, it usually takes about 35 days.

“What’s important to note here is that the kids are really the, you know, the idea is to connect them with a sponsor and that sponsor is a parent, sibling, relatives, family, acquaintances, somebody who’s already here in the United States making that connection,” said Dylanna Grasing, USCRI of Erie.

COVID-19 protocols are in place and the children have been tested before coming to Erie and will be tested again four days after arriving and receive temperature checks three times a day.

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