When spring cleaning, don’t forget your gadgets

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Over time, our phones and tablets can become slow, cluttered, and even dirty.  So, when it comes to spring cleaning, don’t forget to tidy up your tech.  

You can’t use any harsh chemicals to clean electronic devices.  Bleach wipes on your keyboard may kill germs, but it may also wipe away the letters.  Instead, unplug your keyboard, flip it over and tap out any trapped debris. 

Cleaning out the inside of your computer is just as important.  There are software programs that will clear out old, unused files and programs saved on your computer. 

You can give your smartphone a little more memory by deleting apps you no longer use.  Also, flip through that photo album and consider deleting any pictures you don’t really need. 

Now is also a good time to make sure all of your software is up to date and passwords are changed.  Happy Spring Tech-Cleaning!

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