If you are a dog owner, make sure you have your furry friend licensed for their safety.

Dog licenses can be purchased at local animal shelters, City Hall, the Erie Humane Society, or online.

Doing this will help make your pets safe, just like you would want for any other family member.

Having your pet licensed can help them get back home in case they are ever lost.

“It is going to be that much easier if an animal enforcement officer in the city or in Millcreek picks that pet up, brings them to any of the local shelters here in Erie, we can locate them. We can locate their owner, get ahold of them, and make sure that they’re reunited as soon as possible with their family members,” said Nicole Leone, executive director, Erie Humane Society.

Licenses cost $8.50 annually or $51.50 for a lifetime license. Spayed and neutered dogs can be licensed for $6.50 annually or $31.50 for a lifetime license.