White Cane Coffee, a family-run business

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Local Warren resident, Erin Willman, turned a bad day into inspiration to start a business. Willman started White Cane Coffee last year. The coffee is an organic, handcrafted micro roast that includes Breakfast Blend, High Octane, Donut Shop, French Roast, Colombian Supremo Decaf, and Dark Roast.

Willman is blind and autistic, and decided to add brail labels to the packaging.

“Even from day-one, we mentioned having brail labels on the bag. This way, blind people would be able to read the bags themselves instead of relying on a sighted person,” Willman said.    

Willman’s brother, Ben, is also autistic, and handles all the shipping and labeling of the coffee.

White Can Coffee ships all over the United States. You can order a bag or sign up to receive monthly coffee shipments at https://whitecanecoffee.com/.

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