Why did Wolf/Casey choose a brewery to kick-off their PA bus tour?

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Governor Wolf’s decision to kick off his bus tour at Lavery’s Brewery is no coincidence. 

Leaders with the Democratic party say the decision shows political leaders understand the importance of breweries to the Pennsylvania economy. 

Raymond Barber is a self-proclaimed Erie beer ‘stuff’ collector. His merchandise ranges from the 1840’s to current day, with the bulk of his collection based around Koehler Beer. Barber says after Koehler Beer closed up shop, the industry dried up locally.  But, he says, now Erie is in the middle of what a craft beer comeback. 

Now, with several operating breweries in the region, the owner of Lavery Brewing Company, Jason Lavery, says, historically, breweries are great indicators of economic change in neighborhoods. “When we started, we were the third brewery and now there’s 13 of us in the region so you know a growing economy definitely has lots of breweries.” 

Especially tonight, there’s something about locally brewed craft beer that people just can’t get enough of…

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