Will Erie beat Buffalo’s historic snowfall record?

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Old man winter and his piles of snow won’t leave Erie alone. Some locals are not letting the winter weather in spring bring their spirits down.

“If it’s going to snow, just keep on going, let’s just break the record, let’s get it over with,” said Jameson Testi. Testi lives in Fairview and he’s hoping Erie can beat Buffalo’s historic snowfall record of 199.4 inches. Erie is currently at 198.5 inches. “You make the best of it, you just deal with it because it’s not going anywhere,” said Testi. Sara’s Restaurant, a summer hotspot made the best of the snowfall. They played Christmas music in the restaurant on Tuesday. 

So even though it’s cold and snowy outside, employees at Sara’s say that didn’t stop people from coming in and ordering ice cream. Mary Jo Titus stopped by Sara’s to grab some ice cream and she says she wants Erie to beat the record as well. “I kind of feel at this point why not, let’s meet it, let’s beat it, claim it as our own,” said Titus. If you want to beat the record, let it snow but remember you asked for it.

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