Will we see a wedding boom in 2021?

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After many weddings were cancelled or postponed in 2020 because of the pandemic — this wedding season is expected to look much busier for wedding venues.            

Fontaine Glenn was live in the newsroom with more on this wedding boom.

After a disappointing year in 2020, many brides and grooms dream weddings were uprooted by the pandemic causing them to reschedule their wedding.

Now, local wedding venues are excited for a busy season once again.

The wedding industry took a huge financial hit in 2020, losing more than $30 billion.

Locally, the Concourse of Union Station Catering had to find ways to adjust to the COVID-19 guidelines in 2020 to make weddings go on for brides who didn’t want to reschedule.

The general manager says many brides did in fact reschedule to this summer, resulting in a busy summer for them.

She says her staff does whatever they can to ease the anxiety of the bride and groom when it comes to covid-19 measures.

“What we tell our brides is they make the final decision. If they are still very covid conscious and feel very strongly about ‘I want to make sure every single one of my guests wear masks,’ that’s perfectly fine, whatever gives them that comfort level. Our staff during the party still wears masks and gloves and things like that, just to make it a little more comfortable for them, because we are the ones handling the food,” said Brittany Pituch, GM, Concourse of Union Station Catering.

She says she is looking forward to the busy and crazy year ahead and is happy it’s full of weddings.

“Just really looking forward to having all of our different locations come alive, because we have a few different locations that we work out of. Just to have the room be full of people again. You know how many times I’ve heard guests at weddings say ‘I just feel so good to be out of the house,’ and it just makes you happy to see everybody else enjoying themselves,” said Pituch.

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