Winery vineyard in North East damaged from overnight hailstorm

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One winery’s vineyard was damaged after the hail storm last night in North East.

We went to North East for a closer look at the damage from last night.

This is what the damage looks like to the grapes. From this hailstorm damage, the grapes will eventually either rot off or fall off of the stem.

A hailstorm in North East left many of the grapes at Mobilia Fruit Farm cracked while leaving them to rot.

“Well I have 120 acres and I think probably most of them got smacked a little bit the other day. It didn’t look that bad driving by, but now that they are turning brown you can really see what the damage is,” said Nick Mobilia, Owner of Mobilia Fruit Farms.

The damage to the grapes left lasting effects on the farm.

“This is going to be a huge economic loss to everybody, but on the other side you know we carry crop insurance for this particular reason, but crop insurance will never give you what you are going to make with the crop,” said Mobilia.

One of the main concerns is right here were the grapes are getting rotten from the damage of the hailstorm. The damage can soon leak to the rest of the grapes below it.

To save the rest of the grapes from acidic liquid, Mobilia will use a protectant spray that he said will cost around $5,000.

“We are going to make a decision, are we going to keep putting money into these? It’s about three to four or five sprays before harvest especially if some of those don’t fall, and you are going to get to a point are these berries worth protecting?” said Mobilia.

The staff will be spraying the fungicide next week.

During the interim, the staff will be preparing to spray the grapes next week.

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