Meadville business owners honored one of their own this evening.

It was all part of the Great Meadville Area Day which is held every year as a way for business leaders there to bond over golf and dinner.

Also part of the celebration is the awarding of the Winslow Award handed out to the exceptional business person of the year.

This year’s winner is J. Douglas Peters of Peters Heat Treating who’s a long time success in many aspects of business and the community.

The emcee spoke about how the past meets the present during the ceremony.

“We needed to be thankful and appreciative of the history and legacy of those who have come before us. If you look at all the winners of the Winslow Award, they’re a who’s who of the Crawford County and Meadville community,” said John Swick, Master of Ceremonies.

This year was the 53rd annual presentation for the Winslow Award.