Snowy roads have caused multiple accidents along Interstate 90 in both directions.

Traffic was backed up for miles and people were stuck in their cars for hours.

There were two separate accidents near Harborcreek that caused said backups.

At the time of writing I-90 is back to normal.

PennDOT officials said that crews were busy all morning and afternoon clearing up a number of tractor trailers that skidded off the road and blocked the roadway.

Many drivers were stuck in traffic while waiting for their chance to move. Many of these said drivers waited hours.

“I know we live in this area so we have to be used to it and be flexible, but it is a bit frustrating,” said Marci Gribbin, North East Resident.

We caught up to one man who was driving to classes, but the classes got called off so he made a stop at a gas station for a break.

“I think people are getting a little agitated. A lot of angry horns,” said Jerry Banaag, North East Resident.

“Well it was at a total standstill. I mean it was not even creeping up like moving slow. It was just like totally stopped then it would creep,” said Phil McCaulley, Altoona Resident.

Most of the traffic backups were due to tractor trailers such as the one by Clark Road.

“There were multiple incidents and most of them were tractor trailers. They jackknifed or went across the road and which caused the traffic to slow down or close a lane restriction or full closure,” said Jim Shaut, Erie County Maintenance Manager.

Shaut said that right now the west bound accident was cleared up. There was also another accident eastbound that caused another big traffic back up.

Officials want to remind you that safety is always number one, especially when it comes to driving in these harsh conditions.

“My first advice is to look at the weather before you leave. Make sure it’s actually a trip that you need to take at this time. Maybe you can delay your travel for later in the day or different day altogether,” said Jill Harry, PennDOT.

Harry adds that one of the biggest issues on Wednesday was low visibility, so be prepared for the white out conditions. These conditions caused a number of chain reactions on January 26th.

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PennDOT is now reporting that most of the closures have been reopened to at least one lane.

Pennsylvania State Police are reporting that recently around the time of reporting, there have been several accidents as 86 East has been rerouted to 89 North and back to 90 East so it has been advised to steer clear of those areas.