With the heavy snow and high winds, experts recommend you check your roof for safety

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With the weather freezing, then warming up and raining, it’s hard to make the call if you should have someone remove the snow from your roof. However, with the rapid change in weather, the drastic highs and lows can have a damaging effect on your roof.

Roof repairs can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Andy Vinca, Owner of Angelo’s Roofing, tells us, “ice and snow will form around drains and above gutters, and when the snow and rain comes, it starts to melt and has nowhere to go; so it starts to back up.”

High winds can also have a negative impact on your roof.

Vinca says, “When you get high winds like last night, we have over 40 miles per hour wind gust. That can literally blow your roof right off. That is what we’re dealing with on a commercial building here on state street.”

Crews have been out here since 8:30 this morning baring the rain and wind gusts for this emergency repair. Now, crews say that you should really leave this to the professionals.

Robert Lafaro, President of Lafaro Insurance, says, “As an insurance professional, I recommend that someone not get on their roof unless you are in a rock and a hard place. Nobody will come out and address it for you.”

Experts say that general maintenance for your gutters will help to prevent back-up.  And, that will reduce the chances of flooding caused by melting snow.  They also say ice back can occur from poor insulation and ventilation on the home.

Lafaro says, “It’s the heat loss from your house a lot of the time, often, that can cause that ice to melt and then refreeze when it hits a cold section of the roof.”

Other winter roof maintenance tips would be to trim branches that are near the house.  Once snow falls, it could weigh down branches and possibly cause them to fall on your roof.

Experts also say to routinely check your roof for visible sagging areas.  If you spot one, you should contact a roofing company to come and check it out. 

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