State leaders coming to town with major announcements.  Governor Tom Wolf’s Administration is investing $32 million into the Erie area.  

The state is investing in more than 20 projects locally, supporting community development and job creation.  State leaders say one complaint from the Erie community sounds like a broken record. Dennis Davin, Secretary of PA Community and Economic Development, tells us, “Over and over and over again, the folks in Erie really talked to us about having a connection between the downtown area and all the great things that are happening on the bayfront”.

Today, Governor Tom Wolf’s administration is saying they’ve heard those concerns loud and clear.  The Erie area is receiving $32 million from the state; the majority set aside for developing the Bayfront Parkway.  Secretary of the PA Department of Transportation, Leslie Richards, says, “We know that every dollar we invest in transportation improvement has positive impacts with economic development. It helps businesses. It helps with the quality of life.”

State leaders tell us the decision to invest in Erie comes after having a unified voice in the community.  “To come to Harrisburg and to say, ‘here’s what we would like to do’ and to prioritize what their needs are, Erie has done it in my mind better than any place in the state of Pennsylvania.”  Those complimentary words coming from Dennis Davin, Secretary of PA Community and Economic Development show that our city’s leaders are right where they need to be.

Mayor Joe Sinnott says, “It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time, to get one voice in Harrisburg, to get together on some of the projects that would really advance the community, focus on the ones that would give us the most bang for the buck and I think what you’re seeing is the fruits of that now.” 

The state is also giving a total of $1.6 million in tax credits to select non-profit organizations. Mayor-Elect Joe Schember says, “It’s really going to be transformational, not just for the city but for our whole region, so I’m really excited about it and I want to make sure as Mayor that we get the most out of this, that we maximize the results as much as possible.” 

Included in the 20 projects, the state is investing in disabled veteran solutions; planning to create 205 new jobs to be located on West 38th Street.  

To learn more about these projects and how they’re influencing the Erie area, click here.