Wolf responds to Scott Wagner’s Senate resignation to pursue run for governor

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Yesterday, Republican Candidate for Governor, Scott Wagner, handed in the resignation of his Senate seat in order to put more efforts in to become Pennsylvania’s next governor.  

Wagner’s Resignation letter:

A spokesperson for Wagner, Andrew Romeo, released a statement saying, in part, “Since winning his historic write-in campaign in 2014, it’s been Scott’s honor to serve the people of York in the State Senate. However, since Tom Wolf has taken office there has been nothing but gridlock in Harrisburg, and Scott realizes that the way he can bring about the most change and do the most good for the commonwealth is to devote all his time and energy toward getting elected governor and giving Pennsylvanians a different choice.”
Governor Wolf’s response came a short time later in a statement issued by Beth Melena, Communications Director for the Wolf Campaign.  In it, the statement saying that his resignation comes “one week after skipping crucial votes to protect children in order to attend a political corporate policy summit, and one month before the budget deadline, proves that he is the very worst of Harrisburg.”
Melena says Wagner was a confirmed nominee to attend the Republican Governors Association 2018 New York Corporate Policy Summit from May 22 to May 23.  And, during that time “Wagner missed votes on keeping 17,000 sex offenders on Pennsylvania’s registry, making domestic violence in the presence of children a separate crime, and requiring carbon monoxide detectors in child care facilities.”
She goes on to say that “Scott Wagner is only interested in furthering his own political ambitions, but his resignation does not erase his long record of supporting education cuts for our children, rolling back health care for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, and throwing seniors out of their nursing homes”.
Needless to say, it should be an interesting race for the governor’s seat in the fall…

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