Wolf takes budget crisis into his own hands

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After another day with no agreement in sight on a budget deal, Governor Tom Wolf says he will take the reins on the budget deficit.  Wolf says he is going to try and borrow more than $1 billion against the state’s liquor revenues, a two-month long process, to try and close the $1.5 billion deficit in last year’s fiscal budget.  

In a press conference this afternoon, the Governor laid out all the progress the state has made this year, working together on new initiatives and had strong words on why some legislators are stalling on a budget agreement.

“Despite these indications of ability to work together,” says Wolf, “one thing has become clear.  Too many Republicans focused on elections rather than Pennsylvania succeeding.  They would rather see me fail than Pennsylvania succeed.” 

The governor’s action comes after the Republican House failed to get enough support for two of its own proposals, including an increase in the hotel tax and a ‘use tax’ to storage facilities.

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