An Erie woman is walking free from the Erie County Prison following a fatal stabbing trial. 67-year old Delores White has been found not guilty of all charges following the death of her daughter’s boyfriend.

Around 3:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon, Delores White was released from prison. She was gathered with family and friends. White was found not guilty of all charges in the stabbing death back in April 2020.

Emotions high as 67-year old Delores White walks free from the Erie County Prison.

Jurors find White not guilty of first degree murder. This comes as the jury decided that White used self-defense to fatally stab 35-year old Khalil Reynolds in the 1000 block of East Lake Road in April.

“They jury saw that she was justified with what she did and we thank the jury for their consideration, the time and the effort they put into this. They paid attention.” said Eric Hackwelder, White’s Defense Attorney.

Hackwelder says the incident was fueled by Reynolds being highly intoxicated, and threatening to harm Delores and her daughter Jamesha White.

White claims that she grabbed a knife after Reynolds started attacking her daughter. Assistant District Attorney Greg Reichart says he’s appreciative of the jurors time, but it wasn’t the result they were expecting.

“In a perfect world, homicides are difficult at the least to prosecute and take to trial. We do respect their service and taking the time today and we believed we presented a case for first degree murder.” Reichart said.

After just two hours of jury deliberations, The verdict left Delores White speechless.

“Just tears of happiness, tears of happiness. She can’t wait to go home.” Hackwelder said.

It only took jurors about two hours of deliberations. They did call counsel back once for a question.