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Woman assaulted on Presque Isle

Alicia Ramey took to facebook to warn women of a predator at PI

A woman who claims she was assaulted on Presque Isle turns to social media to warn others.  Alicia Ramey's facebook post has been shared over 3,400 times.  In this post, she warns people not to walk alone at Presque Isle.

Ramey was walking on the bay side of Presque Isle when a man ran up from behind her and tackled her to the ground.  Ramey says she was able to fight the man off without any physical harm.

 Ramey tells us, "I was screaming and kicking and then he ran away...  He was trying to grab my pants but I wouldn't let him."

Ramey describes the suspect as a white man between the ages of 28 and 33, wearing all black clothing.  A police report was filed.

At this time it is an isolated incident.

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