Woman to spend 4-8 years behind bars for homicide by motor vehicle

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40-year-old Joy Marie Goodwin will now spend the next 4-8 years in prison for charges of homicide by motor vehicle under the influence and aggravated assault by a vehicle.

Erie County Judge Daniel Brabender sentencing the woman whose blood alcohol level was two times the legal limit. 

The crash occurring in June of 2017 at West 12th and Marshall Drive that killed 19-year-old Andrew Schubert, who was driving his motorcycle at the time of the crash.

Emotions in the courtroom were high as both families sat in during the sentencing. 

Erie County ADA Grant Miller says, “This is also a case where she had two of her children in the car as well. The judge imposed consecutive sentences on that. I would say that we’re pleased with that because it does take into consideration all the victims that are involved.  “

Defense Attorney Kenneth Bickel declining to comment following the sentencing. 

Goodwin will also pay more than $500 in fines. Following Goodwin’s release, she is sentenced to two years of probation.

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