Woman who tested negative for COVID-19 and still quarantined speaks out

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A person in quarantine after testing negative for COVID-19 is speaking out.

We spoke to the person who wishes to remain anonymous about their experience during this pandemic.

The woman we spoke to says it’s been a mixture of emotions from frustration to confusion even while testing negative for the virus.

Ten people are in quarantine after testing for COVID-19 in Erie County. That’s according to a woman who wishes to remain anonymous.

This woman says the group stayed together for two days before testing for the virus.

“The first guy that got it, he wanted us to all stay together so we wouldn’t go home and spread it to our families, so we all stayed in his house for a couple of days,” said the woman.

The group immediately called the Health Department for help.

After being tested at Allegheny Health Network, the group was then told to quarantine together for the next 14 days, even through seven people’s test results were negative.

“I did want to go home to my mom and my brother even though I didn’t test positive but they wouldn’t let me because we only have one bathroom with one shower in it,” said the girl.

The group later split into two different houses for more room. However, if a person tests positive in the days to come, the quarantine cycle starts over.

The person we spoke to to says the case was treated unfairly and that they hope the Health Department takes better action.

“The Health Department didn’t come at this right away. We all came to a hospital together and they knew we were all together with the guy who tested positive. They then let us have all leave together to go back to the same house after we got tested,” said the woman.

As for the days to come…

“We’re able to get out in thirteen days and be able to do what we want and not be forced or stuck in this house for the next how many ever weeks,” said the woman.

We spoke to County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper before airtime. She said the Health Department is continuing to follow protocol by the CDC on how to respond to those exposed to the virus.

She also said the group was very much a part of how and where the quarantine would happen and all agreed to where they were willing to go.

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