Women bikers Roar, too!

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Riding motorcycles isn’t just for the guys.  Women are hitting the pavement on two wheels.  

One group of women bikers is called, ‘The Chrome Angels Motorcycle Club”.  They’re a strong, vibrant, ambitious, friendly, and sparkly group.  Made up of nearly a dozen local women, the Chrom Angels meet once a week to ride and dine.  

Chrom Angels President, Theresa Malmgren, tells us, “women have become more and more into the motorcycling.  Manufacturers have actually built bikes to kind of help fit us a little bit better.  You’re going to see a lot more women motorcycles and it’s very empowering for us, as women, to be right up there with the men.”

There’s also a vendor set up in Perry Square who redecorated women’s motorcycles using crystals.  Her name is Barb Granger, and her business is calle, ‘Barb’s Custom Bling’.  She says it’s all about empowering women riders.

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