Women in agriculture are making a positive change in Pennsylvania’s farming landscape

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The life of a farmer can be hard, but it’s not just the men working the land anymore.

We had the chance to speak with a farmer who told us how diversity and inclusion is changing Pennsylvania’s farming landscape.

The farmers we spoke to said that having farmers, especially women, in the industry helps build a stronger food system.

Just the sound of a calf’s mooing is the beginning of what goes on inside Meabon Dairy Farms.

Nowadays farmers, especially women in farming, aren’t being recognized for the work that brings food to our hands.

“Women that are running machinery, running farms, going out and doing things. There are more women out there than people ever realize,” said Bethany Robinson, Farmer at Meabon Farms.

Robinson said that women play a crucial role in shaping the future in the farm industry.

This isn’t all about just having women as farm wives, staying at home, and taking care of the kids, which isn’t the case.

“As time went on women started taking over farmer responsibilities and what people don’t realize is that as farming got harder, men went out and got jobs,” said Robinson.

Some farmers said that no farmers, no food. Then where would we be without farmers?

“Without women supporting and working just as hard if not harder than the men and farmers, then this would not be a success in Pennsylvania and nationwide,” said Julie Mabon Gibson, Aunt, Meabon Farms.

Beth’s family business has been around for almost 100 years. They will truck out their products.

Beth and her husband along with other family members will spend day and night taking turns doing farm work.

“Farmers feed the world. I get it that they’re genetically making all of this and that, but even with that there has to be something with farm to start any of that,” said Robinson.

“They are partners and so essential during COVID and essential always have been always will be,” said Gibson.

Beth and her family raise almost 200 cows in their farm.

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