The 2023 All-Breed Dog Show, Obedience and Rally Trails got underway on Saturday at the Bayfront Convention Center.

“We have nearly 1,200 entrees in this dog show. It’s an impressive number and that number represents 135 different breeds. They come from 28 states plus Canada,” said Jeanne Stiner, Show Chair.

The Bayfront Convention Center is hosting the Erie Kennel Club Dog Show for the 15th year in a row. This Saturday and Sunday is chance to visit different dogs and get up and personal with their events such as “meet the breeds.” There is also dog show tours where canine connoisseurs can  learn about the different types of breeds and what type of would fit into their family environment.

“We have confirmation events going on. That is when the dogs are judge according to their breed standard. Thinking about the temperament, the type, the movement and the stretch of the dog and what it is bred to do. And those are for pure breed dogs but then we have events for mixed breeds as well as pure breeds your companion sports. Which is the obedience and rally trials and that just judges how well the dog excepts and follows commands,” Stiner explained.

This is a special day for dog enthusiast and dog lovers. This is held once a year and this is a chance for the public to get out and have fun with the dogs.

“I come here every year. It’s a great show, great venue and it’s close enough to home that I don’t really have to drive and do a lot of hotels and everything it’s just a great show,” said Pete Prawel, a competition dog owner.

Prawel is from Buffalo and comes to compete with his wolfhound every year.

“I’ve been in the dog show game since I was a kid. And it’s just in my blood. You know, and I’ve had wolfhounds now longer than I’ll tell you. It’s a hobby. It’s a way of life really,” Prawel said.

In preparation, he does all the homework with Tucker beforehand so that the only thing they have to do day of the competition is wake up early for a fresh groom.

This is Tucker’s fifth competition and on Saturday, he came out a winner.

“Tuckers a champion. We had a lot of wolfhounds show up this morning, which is great. It was a good competition. We see some friends and some really good dogs,” Prawel explained.

“There will be only one dog that will achieve the crowning achievement of best in show today and tomorrow. But the best title of all the dogs that you see here at the convention center will be the title that is the most precious of all between the dog and its owner and that title is. Every dog gets a best in show of the heart,” Stiner said.