The workers at Erie Strayer continued on the front line on Friday with their strike.

The company is entering its 11th week of the workers requesting a wage increase and basic medical needs. While the strike carried on, things got a little slippery Friday at the scene.

Workers continued their strike Friday in hopes of finally receiving what they have been requesting, which is a wage increase and basic medical needs.

“We’re looking at a 3% wage increase. We want a dental plan which is about another 3%. Currently, we’re in a 5.9 inflation right now and the guys would just be breaking even with that. You know, the wage they got for the last five years of this contract did not hold up with inflation. The company didn’t care.” said Tracy Cutright, Vice President of Business Representatives for Iron Workers Regional Shop #851

The scene ended a bit messy on Friday from a tractor trailer truck with a large payload. However, this is not the first time that a strike ended this way.

“Yesterday, they tried to move one of the large silos out and there were cars parked legally and they couldn’t get it out and they couldn’t make the turn. They had made two other loads in the past where they go clean up into the lawn. Even today, they even went further up in that person’s lawn. They tore it all up. They come across the sidewalk and they’ve cracked the sidewalk.” Cutright said.

Workers came up with a slippery solution on Friday to help the large tractor trailer maneuver. The solution was liquid washing soap.

“They dump like ten gallons of soap on the road. I don’t know who’s going to clean that up, it’s slick. That’s why they used it to pull that truck around. I don’t know how it is in Pennsylvania, but I know in Ohio, you dump that much soap on the road this close to the lake and you’re in trouble.” Cutright said.

The next negotiation for the strikers will be held on December 17th.

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