World’s largest rubber duck ready to float into Erie

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ERIE, Pa. — We’re just two days away from the highly anticipated Tall Ships Erie and one new attraction has everyone even more excited.

The world’s largest rubber duck is coming to Tall Ships Erie this year and once people heard the news, they’re quaking with excitement.

Mamma Duck, known as the world’s largest rubber duck, will make the grand entry with the tall ships, participating in the Parade of Sails on Thursday.

The 61-foot tall duck will be docked behind the Bayfront Convention Center and with a general admission ticket, you’ll be able to take pictures and get up close.

“So it looks big on the internet but it’s really big in person.” said Shawn Waskiewicz, Executive Director of the Flagship Niagara League.

Tickets for Tall Ships Erie are no longer available online, but you can purchase them at the Maritime Museum gift shop or at booths set up the days of the event.

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