Worst flu season on record

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Experts with Erie County Health Department say this is the worst flu season on record and it’s still going strong.

The first few weeks of flu season were bringing in numbers of more than 300 cases per week.  Those totals are starting to decline, but they’re still well above average for mid-April.  The season total is now 3,702 cases.  Last week, there were 194 cases reported.  This week, there are 121.  

Representatives of the Erie County Health Department, like Charlotte Berringer, say this time of year they typically see fewer than 20 cases per week.  “Over 100 cases a week still in the middle of April is unusual. Certainly, we have seen sporadic cases even into May in past seasons, but going this late is unusual.”  

While the flu season is slowing down here, it’s just starting down south.  Experts say it’s not too late to get the flu shot, especially for people with vacations coming up.

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