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The Clergy Abuse Summit in Rome wrapped up Sunday.  It’s getting mixed reviews from survivors and religious leaders.

Syeda Abbas spoke to a survivor about how he feels concerns were addressed.

The summit might have ended, but not the efforts of survivors and what they hope to accomplish.  Many frank conversations took place in Rome, but the current question is, ‘What happens next?’

Carl Midboe, National Representative of Austin Texas SNAP Leader, tells us, “so, because there were no actions taken, I’m disappointed. “

The Vatican has said it will soon issue a child protection policy and guidelines for preventing sexual abuse. 

In the United States, guidelines and protocols have been in place for many years, so hearing about much of the same left survivors feeling let down.

Bishop Lawrence Persico tells us, “I was pleased to read… that instead of all the bishops speaking, they had a reporter from Mexico; she spoke to them. They had a sister from Africa; she spoke to the bishop…”

Pope Frances ended the summit by promising to confront abusers with the wrath of God. 

Before the conference, the Holy Father said not to have high expectations.

The first two days of the summit focused on church leaders and how they should be held accountable when they fail to protect young people.

Survivor Jim Vansickle says this is just the start of the battle. “…I think, even before coming, the fact that they called a summit on sexual abuse, even though I believe they flubbed it up from there, is a step in the right direction.”

Pope Frances said cover-ups are a global problem that threatens the very mission of the Catholic Church.  He delivered his remarks at the end of mass on Sunday, before 190 Catholic bishops and religious superiors.

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