WWII Submarine USS COD arrives in Erie for repairs

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A piece of history from World War II has arrived from Cleveland to an Erie shipyard early this morning.

Fontaine Glenn was live at Donjon in Erie with more on the USS COD’s arrival.

The USS COD is being dry docked for the first time in 58 years. For the next several weeks, the COD will be receiving some much needed TLC.

The COD departed the Cleveland dock around 11:30 a.m. Sunday and arrived in Erie by tugboat at 1 a.m.

The sub is the only remaining WWII fleet submarine that is still intact. But its what we can’t see on the sub that needs the most work, including a fresh coat of paint.

The president of the submarine’s memorial explains why the sub had to be towed to Erie, plus some locals were there bright and early to see the submarine arrive.

“The COD is largely still moth-balled her, we have no propellers, and no one is still alive that knows how to safely operate a WWII fleet submarine,” said Paul Farace, president, USS COD Submarine Memorial.

“Erie’s dry dock here is a big blessing to the Cleveland crew up there.  I mean, this is a fantastic facility, they really got lucky that it’s only a 16-hour jog up the lake to get here,” said Justin Howe, watching USS COD arrive in Erie.

The USS COD will remain in Erie for about two months until the work is complete.

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