Xenex LightStrike Robot comes to Erie to fight COVID-19 pandemic

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Xenex LightStrike Robot comes to Erie to help fight COVID-19. Xenex Disinfection Services saw the need in areas in the Erie community that are most impacted by the deadly virus.

Intense UV light may be the next step in killing off the silent killers that linger around. The demo Xenex robot arrived in Erie to help institutions that are heavily impacted by the virus.

The Xenex Disinfection Services company partnered with the Booker T. Washington Center and MCIC to give access to people who may not afford such a technical weapon.

Now, you may ask yourself ‘Can a robot actually kill pathogens like COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria? The answer is yes.

“At a meter away from the robot, so that’s a meter radius, we were able to deactivate or kill COVID 2 virus, which called fore-log a 99.99% kill in two minutes.” said Dr. Mark Stibich, Chief Scientific Officer with Xenex Disinfection Services.

Dr. Stibich says early in the pandemic, the company worked with a laboratory in San Antonio, Texas to test if it can help the world fight the enemy.

“The purpose of the robot coming is to fight COVID-19 and to help deal with sanitization problems as we struggle to open as a country.” said Dr. Andrea Jeffress, CEO of Blade Doctors.

We’ve all greatly depended on disinfection products, but it can be hard to get every inch of a surface. Experts say with this machine, it wont’ miss an inch.

“And we know when people do that, people are human, they’re going to miss spots. It’s almost impossible to do that perfectly time and time again and that’s why bringing a light in makes a lot of sense because that’s when everything that the light hits is getting disinfected.” Dr. Stibich said.

So this Mr. Clean Machine can be the solutions to real world problems.

“And Erie is leading the world in how to bring innovation in communities where it’s accessible and important to getting back to our normal lives.” said Dr. Jeffress said.

The robot will be in Erie for two weeks.

If you’re part of a big or small institution such as a community center, nursing home, or school, you can click here for more information.

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