You can adopt a section of Presque Isle!

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Millions of visitors go to Presque Isle each year and keeping those areas clean is a big job.  That’s why park staff members are looking for help. 

Even a few people can make a mess so you can imagine what 4 million visitors might do in a season at Presque Isle State Park.  John Laskos, of PI, says, “Keeping the park clean is a huge chore and we rely on volunteers to come out and help us do that”.

The result is the Adopt a Beach Program.  From May through October, the park staff coordinates volunteers and groups who want to adopt a section of the park to keep clean.  They are looking for people willing to pitch in a few hours a month to keep the park looking good.

Laskos says, “We’re looking for dedicated individuals willing to come the second Saturday of every month, willing to put in a couple of three hours every month to help keep their certain area clean on the beach”.

The hours for the program at 9am through noon.  The first clean-up is scheduled for May12th.  To learn more, call 814-833-7424.

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